Trust Services

Revenue Processing

Each month, GNR will receive, review, reconcile and report as necessary, revenue interests due from operators and/or first purchasers for accuracy and trends. Data will be collected from the royalty reports or JIB’s and imported into GNR’s property management software which is compatible with YARDI and other data management systems.

Document Processing
GNR will collect and analyze all available historical documents and/or contracts for each Trust in order to establish baseline information. Using this database, GNR will be able to provide a consistent method of reporting information relevant to a particular Trust. This database gives GNR strategic oversight for both historical production and revenue data as well as all new records. GNR will also review each lease, contract or document for compliance with development terms, annual payments, etc..

Historical Accounting & Production Review
GNR will collect and analyze the last twelve months of historical production and royalty information. This will establish baseline information that provides for a consistent method of reporting.

Division Order Analysis
GNR will coordinate any required division orders on an as needed basis and review historical division orders for each Trust.

Annual Reviews of Fiduciary Accounts
GNR will provide an annual report consistent with OCC guidelines and Bank policies, and will be tailored to meet your needs.

Quarterly or Annual Site Inspections
GNR will provide a quarterly or annual site inspection to ensure lease compliance and identify potential liabilities through an environmental assessment.

Tax & Mineral Assessment (or Status)
GNR will review each Trust and identify potential liabilities associated with dormant mineral laws, and mineral tax assessments. Each case will vary and is dependent on the status of the leased (or non-leased) properties and the state in which the property is located.

Lease & Contract Negotiations
GNR will consistently monitor the properties and make recommendations to the bank of any possible development opportunities and will assist the bank in understanding market conditions, viability of operator, operational risks and analyzing potential economic returns.

Property Development Opportunities
GNR will review each Trust and the relevant natural resource assets in order to identify potential development opportunities for each Trust. Information analyzed includes offsetting production data (if available), nearest O&G wells, potential leasing activities, recommendation for development or sale.

Pre-Acceptance Risk Analysis
GNR will review any potential Trust that the bank may be evaluating. This will include: Environmental Liabilities, General Location Map, Valuation, Lease Summary, Production and Accounting Information (if available) and any known development opportunities. Additional information can be supplied on a case-by-case basis including Market Comps, Geological Evaluations, Site Visits, etc.

GNR will review each property within the Trust and apply industry standard valuation techniques.

GNR will provide an in-depth geological and engineering reserve analysis on specific properties within each Trust. This includes: Geologic Formation Evaluations, Reserve Reports, Geologic Mapping, 3D Modeling, Development Projects, etc.

Client Presentations
GNR will provide a Client Summary for each Trust. This includes: Revenue Summary, Contract Summary, Production Summary, Valuation, General Location Map, etc. Information will vary pending available data and/or client needs.