Management Services


Natural Resource Management & Development
GNR provides the expertise to manage and develop your natural resources to generate maximum value. Our management team provides solutions to enhance property value, increase profitability, and minimize risk.

• Lease and contract negotiations

• Preparation of lease agreements and amendments• Identify industry partners

• Natural resource analysis: Understand and interpret the market conditions for each specific lease

Managing oil & gas, timber, coal and other minerals. Lead by professional engineering, geology, mineral economic, commercial real estate, leasing, lending and finance experts.

• Geological reserve evaluation: Appraisals and estimates

• Due diligence: Evaluate acquisitions, potential property sales

• GIS & digital mapping: Pipelines, acreage boundaries, lease interest, visual presentations

• Financial reporting

• Legal services: Lease and contract negotiations, title research, develop lease agreements, contracts

• Risk management: Strategy development, control systems


• Timber appraisals: Prepare economic evaluations of current properties

• Oversight of existing timber operations

• Locate, market, and organize sale of timber

• Contract negotiations: Provide recommendations for contract timber sales, agreements, and amendments

• Timber analysis: Assess and forecast local market conditions

Coal & Minerals

• Reserve evaluation reporting

• Geological modeling

• Mine site inspections

• Asset financial and engineering audits: Verify royalty is accurately paid per terms of lease agreement

• Lease and contract negotiations: Provide recommendations and preparation of lease agreements, amendments, letter agreements, etc.

• Coal site analysis: Assess and forecast local market conditions