The Global Approach – Reaching Beyond

GNR is a diversified natural resource company focused on providing management, advisory and trust services to companies and family offices. Through deep affiliations with various operating partners as well as 18 other portfolio companies – we have experience in a wide variety of industries. This broad scope allows us access to proprietary industry information that we can use to meet your specific needs. We are experts who take pride in our work and are dedicated to partnering with you to provide effective and efficient management of your resources.

Through our affiliations GNR manages assets across many subsets of the power generation and energy markets.

Our advisory team can assist with management of intellectual properties and other assets in technology related industries.

GNR has grown through strategic acquisition, management and development of real estate and other properties.

GNR Trust Services is dedicated to providing professional oversight within a wide range of services.

GNR assists an array of companies with asset management in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Through our various affiliations GNR gives back to the community in a unique way by investing in and assisting in the operation of fine art galleries.

Kentucky Oil & Gas Association Tennessee Oil & Gas Association American Institute of Professional Geologists Association of Trust Organizations National Trust Real Estate Association Society of Petroleum Engineers